Poem – “Waiting For Reality”

Waiting For Reality

Fluorescent blue
Burning needles behind my eyes
An antiseptic haven
Waiting for reality to roll into motion
Shed its layer of calm like a lie
The pinnacle of the hour
Is the hour that holds itself still
Melting without moving,
Flying by and going nowhere
Fluorescents buzzing
With all other sound held captive

Copyright ©2019 S. M. Shuford
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Poem – “A Court Wilting”

A Court Wilting

Plant a rose and a garden will gestate
Be ever careful never to plant it on my estate
The blood scarlet beauty will turn to corpse black
Thorns will form wounds that never heal back

Briars and blossoms are welcome anywhere
Except for the haunted court that only I dare
All that is born here is born deceased, diseased
From its birth it is hundreds of centuries
Never spent, never seen, only bereaved

© S. M. Shuford 2018
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