Loverboy is $1 on Kindle

Just a friendly reminder that you can get my debut on Kindle for about the price of a candy bar. Except Loverboy lasts longer and won’t rot your teeth.
It’s an eerie, romantic collection with some intricate little drawings, and is also available in paperback and on Kindle Unlimited. If you’re in the US and buy the paperback new, you also get a copy of the Kindle edition for free.
Sales made from my independent books help to make new ones possible, so please consider getting a copy, sharing it with your friends, and if you wish to do so, reviewing it on Goodreads so more people will know about it!

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Last Day for Haiku Freebies!

This is the very last day to get eBook copies of my haiku freebies, or at least the old versions. New versions, reimagined as full-length chapbooks, will be available by 2019. I’ve expressed my distaste for the originals pretty openly, though most of this was born from the way their design was mutilated by Smashwords’s formatting. The haiku themselves were quite fun to write, and seem to have been well-received.
Anyway, if you want something unusual to read – Cosmic Love, MHz, and Blood Ballet are all free. Infinite Summer is still listed as “name-your-price”, so can be gotten for either free or $1 USD. Blood Ballet and MHz are darker and more surrealistic, while the other two are more romantic. Take your pick.

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