Cosmic Love – An Eternal eBook Giveaway


Cosmic Love, the latest in my foray into genre poetry, is now officially free ad infinitum. Forever and eternal, worldwide. At least the eBook versions, but there’s also a fairly snazzy paperback available for not too much if you prefer print. I know some stand by print religiously, so I make a point to offer it if I can.
This entry in the series is one of romantic melancholy, with some tinges of science fiction aesthetic and dark fantasy.

All versions should be in beautiful order. If you get a copy, reviews would be appreciated. Feel free to interact with me on Goodreads, I love to hear what people think. I’ll be doing a series of commentary on this and Absolute Heaven soon as well. Tell your poetic friends, help it hit the top of the chart! At least for its fifteen minutes of fame, that is. It’s also available on several other eBook sellers, like Apple Books, but I certainly don’t feel like listing them all, so you’re free to search your favourites. Enjoy! 🙂

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✨Cosmic Love – A Free eBook✨


My treat to you. Cosmic Love is the first entry in an ongoing saga of personal poetry, which will span a wild spectrum of genres. As a whole, the S.M. Shuford Poetry Collection is contemporary poetry blended in with some experimental, haiku and fantasy-horror touches. If you’ve followed this blog long enough to have a copy of the old version, throw it out and get this one. It’s far superior. I promise.

This is the link to the ePub, PDF, and international Kindle edition. The paperback is available to buy on Amazon as well, in most regions, with a slightly prettier Kindle version to be out on there soon. It would be out today, but there were some difficulties publishing it.

Paperback –
eBook –

Since this will be free forever, do me a favour and rate or review it if you download a copy. We can make Cosmic Love hit the top 10 in free books! You can do this on Goodreads, Amazon, or wherever you get your books. This is a lot more helpful to an author than most promotions end up being. These are not the only regions or sellers Cosmic Love will be available from, it’s also soon to be on Apple Books, Kobo, and a few others, so if you have one you’d rather get it from, it might be on there. You’ll have to check back in a few days.

Final News on Cosmic Love

I’ve tried really hard, however tempting it is, to never set explicit publication dates for upcoming publications, because I almost never meet my own deadline for one reason or another. I didn’t this time, either! I fully meant to publish Cosmic Love three days ago, but I’ve had to learn a new paint program and relearn formatting ePubs (which is grueling), so it was held up somewhat.

The good news is, the cover’s done other than adding the title text, so it ought to be out in all formats, worldwide, by the end of the month. The international edition is digital-only, but you can then get it for free in pretty much any country, and after that a paperback and Kindle version will be out in all regions on Amazon. Absolute Heaven will be out directly after it, but only in Kindle and paperback for now. It’s far too large for me to want to type out an ePub version right now.
You really don’t understand how horrible ePub formatting is if you’ve never survived it. I have nightmares about doing it under time constraints. The Kindle version was hard enough with that book’s tricky art and poem formats.

I’ve actually finished editing and typing out the next three in the series, so they should come out pretty cleanly and without delay in mid-May. I won’t be publishing anymore poetry in book form until later this year, so I’ll have time to focus on my fiction and school. Thank you guys so much for reading, liking and following my poetry on here, and the book reviews too. I appreciate it! 🙂

I think that when the first five books are all out in paperback, I’ll be doing a giveaway of the series through Goodreads. And by that, I mean through a Goodreads event because I’m not paying that ridiculously high giveaway fee when they don’t even pay for the shipping. So if you want, follow me on Goodreads to know when that is.

Intergalactic Romantic – Rebooting Cosmic Love

Cosmic Love is the most popular book on my Goodreads page. It’s out of print! On purpose! I was originally going to keep it out of print and direct interested readers to Absolute Heaven, which still includes the original content, but I think the idea of Cosmic Love deserves a makeover as a real book instead of a half-assed freebie.
The cover was more work than the insides on the first run. The cover took around three weeks whereas the poems took about three to four days to write and revise. I’m painting the cover digitally or using stock photos this time, so the work will actually go towards the sustenance of the chapbook rather than solely the cover.

Besides the technicalities, though, the four upcoming chapbooks have individual themes that I feel reflect four different layers of darkness. Kind of like Dante’s Inferno but entertaining instead of you know, taking you through eternal torment. Hopefully.

Cosmic Love began with the idea of “romantic parasitism” and a lot of surrealist sci-fi imagery. Some was good and some read kind of drunkenly – I had to edit the second half much more heavily than the first. Out of the four, it’s the second-lightest in terms of content. The level of grotesque and dark themes is apparent but still pretty low and with a basis in fantastical, more delicate prose.

If you want a copy, it’ll probably be free in eBook. Don’t know if I’ll attempt a paperback or not, that’ll depend on how many pages it ends up being. If it’s under 50, then probably not.

No More Dead Haiku

As of Nov. 21st, 2018 I am repealing some, if not all, of my horror-fantasy haiku freebies on Smashwords. Blood Ballet and MHz I am definitely taking out of print, but I’m on the fence about Infinite Summer. Cosmic Love will likely stay since it ended up being surprisingly popular on Goodreads, but it will be updated to match the new rewrite.
These were experiments to toy with poetry formatting and how quickly I could scrap up a cover piece by myself. You want to know anything for your own book in future, feel free to ask.

If you enjoyed reading the haiku back when I posted them on this blog, don’t worry, the old versions will stay there (see below). New, shimmering versions will appear in Absolute Heaven, my upcoming mega-compilation.

Why am I taking them out of print? Well, to be blunt, I fear they’ll scare people away from my serious work, even being free works of obvious dubious effort. I keep being stricken by this notion they will come back to bite me.
There were a lot of egregious issues I missed with the initial Blood Ballet and MHz. Much to my personal chagrin, all of the haiku books combined have totaled over 200 downloads.

Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of heart and thought that went into my haiku books, and at least on Goodreads they met a mostly warm reception, but they just sadden me now. I have over 11 poetry collections and novels to focus on and nurture, these just shouldn’t have been published individually when I should’ve worked on those instead.

If you are passionate with the urge to read the old versions of Blood Ballet, Infinite Summer, MHz or Cosmic Love for whatever madness you harbor, the downloadable eBooks will still be on my Smashwords page until Nov. 21st. I will also post the list of haiku from them I published on this blog, so you can read them whenever you wish here. Just follow the posts, there are about six for each book. The only one of the old versions that will no longer be available online whatsoever is MHz.

Beginning of Cosmic Love
Beginning of Blood Ballet
Beginning of Infinite Summer

“Cosmic Love” Art by a Friend

Today I just wanted to show this lovely, vivid sketch done by one of my Goodreads friends, inspired by one of my Cosmic Love haiku. If I’m not mistaken it was this one:

Cathedral ruins
On a granite pillar waits
Time-corrupting imp

Anyway, I thought this was amazing and was rather flattered that my brain-rambling poems could inspire someone. 🙂 You can check out more of Tom’s awesome drawings here.

Formatting Fix and New Intro For Last Month’s Free eBook

My apologies to those who downloaded the later ePub version of Cosmic Love between April 1st and April 5th, something went… bizarre with the conversion and it ended up legible, but mangled and difficult to decipher, especially the added introduction. Anyway, as far as I can tell with my own device, it’s fixed and looks normal now.

I have to say, I absolutely detest with my soul Smashwords’ eBook conversion method. I’ve seen a few books mauled into digital hell other than my own, and whereas the ePub versions tend to get “cramped” looking, to fix it causes harm to the PDF version’s looks. It’s a labyrinth of formatting murder. Nonetheless, a new version with a neat introduction exclusive to the eBook and decent formatting is available here:

  If you recognize any errors in my eBooks that need to be bandaged and healed, please let me know in a comment or on my Goodreads page. Thanks. 🙂

“Parasite of the Sun” – Haiku VI

[Originally published as the second half of Cosmic Love.]

Vocalized slumber
Dreams curling at the edges
Fade to black sickness

Hinder me but once,
You’ve lost my trust – hinder me
Twice, you’ve lost my love

Organic lives are
Incompatible tyrants
And depthless bloodlust

Tears of angel’s bile
Unholy duet mourns my
Conception, rebirth

My erratic nerves
Thrash like devils in a chest
Total neurosis

Mechanical palm
Slips through essence of hours
Melts into black stars

Fantastic savage
Dangles from needle fingers
Wormlike humanoids

Column of scarlet
Dissolves into blind sandstorm
Engulfs the planet

The fog does not rise
Unending bridge of corpses
In purgatory

All hail corrupt cells
Brain parasite of the sun
Greed of cerebrum

Copyright © S. M. Shuford 2018
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“Parasite of the Sun” – Haiku V

[Originally published as the second half of Cosmic Love.]

Tri-coloured wasteland
Cursed by chromatic god’s eye

Mellow death seekers
Premonitions smooth as sound
Gambling for soul shards

Wandering demon in his
Circuitboard thumbprints

Fractured delusions
Facets of you I recall
Fragmented visions

The absurd biome
Trees with piano key teeth
Slaughter dusk faeries

Robot born of tusks
Ivory – his teal balloon
Drifts in foothill winds

Chambers and columns
Alchemical genesis
Of my solitude

Bleed sap of dead men
Flesh-melting ink beetles swarm
From the gored maple

Neon wedding dress
For a bride with metal bones
And transparent skin

Sly hunter or violent waltz
With self-persona

Copyright © S. M. Shuford 2018
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“Parasite of the Sun” – Haiku IV

[Originally published as the second half of Cosmic Love.]

Cruel yet so lifeless
You are black holes, mannequins
Quivering in waste

The slender bones dance
Piano hammers beneath
Blue veins of your feet

There’s no substitute
For disjointed faces, peals
Of mocking goblins

Lust faerie atop
A crystal ball suspended
In blinding white cell

Cathedral ruins
On a granite pillar waits
Time-corrupting imp

Sacred as solstice
You’re septic as the pearl milk
From the moth’s stomach

Rhinestone-studded spine
Drench me in melted plastics
Synthetic cancers

Snail shells line the beach
Sunstorm on the horizon
I have no shadow

Banana isle wafts
On heartwaves, pulse sleepily
Into starvation

Temples of enslaved
I ate the heart from his chest
And awoke threadbare

Copyright © S. M. Shuford 2018
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“Cosmic Love” – Haiku III

I am mercury
Parched of creative soul, you
Drain me, exhume me

A charmless wasteland
This is a bitter planet
For the sensitive

Lavender in storm
Is the scent of her sea masque
The drowning ballroom

Cataclysmic want
Desire that contorts life to
Suit one obsession

Enraged ancestors
Linger in thickets between
Grave mounds of garbage

Children are mushrooms
Bursting radioactive
Scalding the ozone

Jungle of patterns
Electric painted imps dance
Around green bonfire

Lover of June rains
His euphoric tears disguised
By cleansing downpour

Tattooed with stardust
Hyper-chromatic angel
Fly me far from here

Fill me with clockwork
At last I will be intact
Lacking only faith

Copyright © S. M. Shuford 2018
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“Cosmic Love” – Haiku II

Animal calling
Contort your spirit to fly
Wingless to heaven

Cadaverous bombs
We will burn apart at the
Hands of silk-dressed boars

Molten tiara
Bloodlike magma in orbit
The tempered spiral

Stinging nettle man
My reclusive fantasies
Sultry as marsh spring

Sweat beads on lotus
Intimate on the pond shore
Orange blossom dew

Thousand centuries
Gorged on your cryptic beauty
Base bacteria

Audible cosmos
Our love is but a plaque smear
In this mass chaos

Heart stimulation
In gas-lit utopia
Mirage hides its age

Grave in birch circle
If you find it, the riddle
Sonnet is carved within

Earth beckoned our name
As one sister embraced in
Her lush, ancient heart

Copyright © S. M. Shuford 2018
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“Cosmic Love” – Haiku I

He is cosmic love
Ruby supernova, my
Overdose rocket

Twist through to vortex
Shine like scars on the dreamscape
Faint kindly to death

Broken bridge of fog
Chemicals of the rainbow
Suffocate to haze

Paint the face of Mars
In conch spirals and amber
Stratosphere of fire

Destined are we to
Be lovers farmed for voyeurs?
Valueless as dust

Apex of opal
Dream bubbles burst, flash moonbeams
Echo of starlight

Love is mercury
Fighting to run from my palm
Transience, escape

A perfect spectre
White as the waking chasm
Veil on nitrous skies

Man of cinnabar
Ordinary alchemy
Stardust factory

Checkerboard kingdom
Obelisk in the parched plains
A cactus blossom

Copyright © S. M. Shuford 2018
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💖Cosmic Love💖 – Completed Cover & Free Poetry eBook

❤️Cosmic Love❤️ – Free Throughout February


Cosmic Love and Parasite of the Sun – two sets of poetry romantically infused into one. Solemn, dreamy and strange, they paint a vivid image of love and hurt in the wake of a unknowable future.

I am giving the short eBook Cosmic Love away for free. I at first was just going to give out review copies, but I feel this is a little more accessible, no?

The genre is haiku / dark fantasy, and it will be available for free indefinitely, though if you wish to help support this and other projects, a $0.99 copy will be available soon. The Smashwords will be optionally free or name-your-price after February.

Please help a budding indie poet by leaving a review on Cosmic Love’s Goodreads page, on its Smashwords page, or on your own blog. ❤️ I will be happy to repost your review if you let me know.

View the book’s page for more details.

COSMIC LOVE – Poetry eBook Reveal!

❤️Cosmic Love❤️ – Out February 2018

I am enthralled to at last be able to announce this book! It’s a tiny, tiny step for its genre, but a massive leap for me, and I hope greatly that readers will enjoy it. It will be available to buy or read for free as well in varying formats (PDF, ePUB, eBook, Kindle and so on). I will be giving away free PDF copies in exchange for reviews starting February 14th. If you are interested, please send a note on the contact page. Thanks!

The official publishing date isn’t set, but will be sometime between Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14th) and Feb. 25th.

Cosmic Love is the first of a mini-series of poetry I’m self-publishing, but my dream is to publish them all in print as a beautiful omnibus. Here is the rough line-art sketch of Cosmic Love‘s cover:

Cosmic Love (Line Art)