Poem – “Botched Up”

Botched Up

It’s easy to claim you wouldn’t love one
Who martyred everything that they were,
Botched up inside and out, but at the core
They suffered it all for your own heart
Doesn’t that reclaim the beauty on its own?

Copyright ©2019 S. M. Shuford
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Poem – “Glass Razor”

Glass Razor

Fragility that beckons the unthinkable
A once impenetrable faith sliced into mirrors
That never allow the same face to meet

A castle is far more beautiful
After being left to desolation awhile
A glass razor is far more dangerous
After it has been cruelly broken

Copyright ©2019 S. M. Shuford
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Poem – “Bravado”


You’re a wandering ghoul
Restless but chained with damages
You’re really something beautiful, stranger
Even if only a moonchild thinks so, it’s true
If you don’t believe me…
Siphon out that last bit of careless bravado
Syringe it free from your veins and take a look
See what held you back in the mirror

©S. M. Shuford 2018
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