Poem – “In the Fir Grove”

In the Fir Grove

Sinister silence in the fir grove
Hearth isn’t lit, no children are home
Echo of no one’s boots crunching the snow
Where the unleashed frost hunts me down
Alone but stalked through the wilderness
The sun has turned off for permanently
Creeping ice webs branches, grasping out arms
Hear reverberating groan of the north wind
Endless, angry as the heads buried in the ice
Safety is dead as the unlucky wanderers
Melting to sludge when the lake thaws at last
Even I may be one of their party by now

Copyright ©2018 S. M. Shuford
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Poem – “Deep Sea Blue”

Deep Sea Blue

Drift do they like the dried blood of Atlantis
Ever deeper in green fluorescent murk
Eventide closes its eyes to ghostlike darkness
Para-natural phenomena

Shipwrecked patterns, skeleton of the galleon
Eager but disturbed bones rise from sleep
Awakening aglow in the sea’s base epidermis

Black waters bring the rattling cries,
Litanies of ancient, bacterial animals hidden
Under the ruins, under the ships, under the light
Eternal and blind as the eldest life

©2018 S. M. Shuford
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Poem – “Black Acid, Blue Scar”

Black Acid, Blue Scar

Burning the reality off a plastic midnight
Laughter hidden by shy hands won’t hide the
Acid that comes out, electric black like the galaxy
Careless and resigned, the dying girls go out
Killing another set of hours with neon lights
Abyssal and inhuman we become beneath
Concealed like a razor on a lost body
In the garbage – we’re not far from it now
Dreamlike but barren under the bones

Berry-indigo is what I seek in the machine
Lurking just under my nightmares I see it
Underground, even below the squalor we see
Every night when the stars unveil its truth
Somewhere I need to be is the indigo blue
Cold and locked in the depths of forgetting
All along, suffering the wrong time, try to
Relax as fluorescence dims down to black

©S. M. Shuford 2018
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Poem – “Discontent”

Damnation that has haunted me since before
Irrational, inevitable
Skulking in the blood around my brain,
Cautiously creeping…
Only you will be my fall, will you not?
Never letting go, clinging like a child ghost
Tantrums, the wails of you drown me out
Eager as a rich fever, stealing me away
Nagging, gnawing like cells of disease
Tyrant in the dark, ruler of one only

©2018 S. M. Shuford
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Poem – “Vanilla – Frozen Sugar”

Vanilla – Frozen Sugar

Virgin love for a green-eyed waverer
Alone in the world beneath the stairs
Never a heart beats there, never it dies
In the tender sweetness of after-dreams
Lying in the abyss, I hear his silence
Listen to the sleep of the never-born
Always my love is a stranger to me

© 2018 S. M. Shuford
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Poem – “Strawberry – Saccharide”

Strawberry – Saccharide

Stalking sourness of the stomach
Twine my pores with precious poison
Rattle the brittle strips of my bones
All of my teeth are chunks of aspartame
Withering to null, organ by organ
But I feel sublime bliss in my mind
Emaciated at heart, starved of love
Reaching into the strawberry jar again –
Rotting so sweetly, my nails drop off
Yes… it doesn’t make me happy as it used to

© S. M. Shuford 2018
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Poem – “Chocolate – Molten Earth”

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“Chocolate – Molten Earth”

Creeping into our dirty pores
Hot molten gravity and oil
Opening forgotten wounds
Cutting into our nuclear veins
Our organs collapse beneath
Lard, lava and liquid earth
Aroma of a dead breed of beast
Tremors halve our ruined souls
Eclipse us with grease and industry


Copyright © S. M. Shuford 2018