No More Dead Haiku

As of Nov. 21st, 2018 I am repealing some, if not all, of my horror-fantasy haiku freebies on Smashwords. Blood Ballet and MHz I am definitely taking out of print, but I’m on the fence about Infinite Summer. Cosmic Love will likely stay since it ended up being surprisingly popular on Goodreads, but it will be updated to match the new rewrite.
These were experiments to toy with poetry formatting and how quickly I could scrap up a cover piece by myself. You want to know anything for your own book in future, feel free to ask.

If you enjoyed reading the haiku back when I posted them on this blog, don’t worry, the old versions will stay there (see below). New, shimmering versions will appear in Absolute Heaven, my upcoming mega-compilation.

Why am I taking them out of print? Well, to be blunt, I fear they’ll scare people away from my serious work, even being free works of obvious dubious effort. I keep being stricken by this notion they will come back to bite me.
There were a lot of egregious issues I missed with the initial Blood Ballet and MHz. Much to my personal chagrin, all of the haiku books combined have totaled over 200 downloads.

Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of heart and thought that went into my haiku books, and at least on Goodreads they met a mostly warm reception, but they just sadden me now. I have over 11 poetry collections and novels to focus on and nurture, these just shouldn’t have been published individually when I should’ve worked on those instead.

If you are passionate with the urge to read the old versions of Blood Ballet, Infinite Summer, MHz or Cosmic Love for whatever madness you harbor, the downloadable eBooks will still be on my Smashwords page until Nov. 21st. I will also post the list of haiku from them I published on this blog, so you can read them whenever you wish here. Just follow the posts, there are about six for each book. The only one of the old versions that will no longer be available online whatsoever is MHz.

Beginning of Cosmic Love
Beginning of Blood Ballet
Beginning of Infinite Summer

💖Loverboy & Absolute Heaven💖 – Poetry to be Published Late 2018


A fever dream of romantic grotesque, Loverboy is a heart-piercing dance of love and hatred. Dark, classy, and sensual as a forbidden fairy tale, this collection of poems paints its phrases directly from raw fear, bittersweet fantasy, mental illness, broken heritage, gender identity, obsession and nightmarish visions.

Absolute Heaven

Absolute Heaven is a dream-infused omnibus that captures the darkness of the heart in its palm and never lets it free. Devilishly blurring the lines between romantic hate and grotesque love, it spans emotions of the mind from wistful clouds of fantasy to the abyss of occult fears.

Loverboy and Absolute Heaven are two companion compilations of mine that are going to be published later this year. Due to a wait on publication rights for a few individual poems, the dates can’t be set officially yet, though they should be out by December in any case. I’m lobbying for October 31st (Halloween, of course!) as a date for the first one.

They are both brimming with poems and art, and pretty large for poetry compilations. I believe in rather full-figured compilations that look beautiful on a shelf and are enough for a total experience. Loverboy is a traditional book and its sister Absolute Heaven is experimental, collecting all of my haiku books and more conventionally-styled poetry as well.

Both will be available at most major retailers, though I am giving away ARC’s to book and poetry reviewers for a limited time (ARCs will be sent out July 28th if you sign up for one) – which you can read more about on their Goodreads pages below. Feel free to inquire, though I ask that you have done at least 5 book reviews that I can see publicly on any book-blogging platform. Covers and samples should be out soon.

Examples of my work can be found, well, everywhere on Blood Red Velvet, as well as on my Tumblr blog.

Cancellation and Review Copies of Poetry

So there’s good and bad news. The bad news is that I’ve decided not to publish the last of my haiku books, Medical Heaven, individually. I honestly have no drive to do this, despite the fact that the previous ones got a surprisingly large number of downloads and views. I’ll still finish the original cover art, but it’ll just be a singular painting.

The good news, however, is that come late July-early August, I’ll be giving away review copies of two poetry collections of mine – Absolute Heaven and Loverboy. The first is an experimental (and massive) compilation including all 10 haiku books and 30+ traditional poems, and Loverboy is a standard collection of “romantic-grotesque” poems. I recommend both for older teens and adults due to dark and sensitive content – including topics of violence, trauma and mental illness. There is little-to-no explicit language, however.

They are early copies and may be missing some material, especially as several poems out of Loverboy may appear in other publications before it comes out. It won’t be anything that effects the book as a whole.

I’m not positive on the final publication date of either – I’m aiming for late 2018 at the earliest, but if you’re a reviewer interested in a free book, now is your chance to sign up for one. There are still about 40 or so copies left. Just let me know, either on Goodreads or in the comments. 🙂

-S. M., June 2018