Please DO NOT contact me with comments – important questions or inquiries only. It’s not that I mind comments, and I appreciate positive ones, but there’s a different place for those. Please only contact me with concerns of:

  • Questions pertaining to use of my work or if you are interested in purchasing my books (digital or physical copies) for a library or other public uses. If I have a poem or written piece you would like to reprint in an anthology or blog, please inquire here.
  • Site issues or problems that need to be corrected, such as broken links, glitches or incorrect information.
  • Inquiries regarding use of my artwork, commissions, or if you are interested in an illustration. I prefer to take commissions through DeviantArt (@smshuford), though private commissions are welcome. Please look at the FAQ there first, however. Commissions range between $25 and $300 USD generally.
  • If you have seen someone use or claim my work, writing or art, without permission, please report it. Take it upon yourself to report any stolen work and plagiarism if and when you see it to the site owner or appropriate authority. You do not necessarily have to report it to me directly unless you might be unsure if it is plagiarising my work or not.

I no longer take book review requests at all through Blood Red Velvet. Please do not send them, for I cannot accept them at the moment.