Ruminations on Fan Art

It’s coming up on the twentieth anniversaries of a few series I love, which is what brought it up since I’ve thought about showcasing little tributes I’ve drawn for them. I have very odd, conflicted feelings about fan art. I love fan art personally – I think it’s wonderful to see the creative directions an artist can take with an established style, and it’s a good way to shed a bit of light on your other work. But at the same time, I feel odd about dedicating myself so much to fan art.

Stranger still, drawing something (or somebody) you’re a fan of is really unlike original work. It’s less masochistic, to me. Ideas that are extracted from your own imagination without anything to go on can have this sorrow to them that fan art is a little too much fun to have. Fan art doesn’t carry the bad emotions which can seep into self-taught dreams, only the good ones that come from something you love and have a sort of passion for, so I can definitely see why there are people who only draw fan art, and don’t blame them a bit for it.

Just some random thoughts, anyway.

-S. M., March 2018