Cosmic Love

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Cosmic Love and Parasite of the Sun – two sets of haiku romantically infused into one. Solemn, dreamy and strange, they paint a vivid image of love and hurt in the wake of a unknowable future.


Genre : Haiku / Sci-Fi / Dark Fantasy

Length: 20 Pages

Formats: eBook / ePub, PDF, Kindle

Price: Free

Giveaway Dates: None currently.

Release Date: February 16th, 2018 (re-released April 2018)

Themes: Outer space, love and loss, seasons on other planets, fever dreams, corruption

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Sample Poems

Mechanical palm
Slips through essence of hours
Melts into black stars
Tears of angel’s bile
Unholy duet mourns my
Conception, rebirth
Tattooed with stardust
Hyper-chromatic angel
Fly me far from here
Love is mercury
Fighting to run from my palm
Transience, escape