Blood Ballet

💜Blood Ballet💜

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Blood Ballet and Paradox Phenomena – two poetry sets harvested from the same embryo. Sensual and discomforting, these haiku are the gruesome songs of mourning ghouls and dead maidens. They are a step into a dark pool of subconscious desires and fears.

Genre: Poetry / Horror

Length: 21 Pages

Formats: eBook / ePub, PDF, Kindle

Price: Free.

Giveaway Dates: None currently.

Release Date: April 3rd, 2018

Themes: Constriction, entrapment, nightmares, biology and body horror

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Sample Poems

Shatter to marrow
Mania, a blood ballet
Shudder in the bones
The occult chill stabs
Through networks of thin nerve strands
Silence wakes the ghoul
Black cord, deep navel
Stark white room, a blood fetor
The stench of the loop
Organs churn a life
In secret beneath the grass
Softly, a heart beats