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I am an artist, book blogger, poet and reviewer. I’m also an advocate for mental health and independent writing, and have spoken openly about my experiences with mental illness and prejudice. I write poetry, short stories and fiction in various genres for teens and adults.

Some of my constant passions are spirituality, horror and ero-guro artwork, ambient electronica and of course literature. A few of my influences are Junji Ito, William Golding, Ryu Murakami, Shinya Tsukamoto, Maya Angelou, Edward Gorey, Dan Wells, Suehiro Maruo, A.G. Howard and Kelly Link.


I was molded in fluorescence and grunge just footsteps away from raw forestry and nature. Strong dichotomy has and will always colour my life and soul. It seeps into my creations like blood let on the altar.
Dark, psychological, romantic and surreal themes tend to be prominent in my work. Some of my books are self-published, some are not. You can find them all at book-sellers such as Amazon.

Book reviewing is a hobby I picked up on whim – being an extremely avid reader I figured I may as well share what I think on my books or else have the thoughts corrode. I stick to similar genres, notably horror, mysteries, young adult (both vintage and modern), poetry, science fiction, and fantasy. I love my books in neapolitan flavours, however, and am apt to pick up anything on sheer impulse.

I rate on a scale of 0 to 5, 0 being the literary equivalent of sixteen metric tons of elephant vomit seasoned with chocolate-stuffed corpses and 5 being extraordinary bits of heaven’s lyrics. My reviews are foremost, sketches of my personal interpretations, so the ratings can sometimes be ill-matched or arbitrary because a number does not quite suffice for the vision I got from the book. I no longer take review requests through Blood Red Velvet, so please do not send them.

I am a NetGalley reviewer and a professional reviewer for Realistic Poetry International. My poetry has appeared in the online publications Radium Piano Band and Horror Sleaze Trash. Please consider supporting my self-produced books and artwork through the Ko-Fi link above.

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