Writing Progress – Project Gluttony

This is by far the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to write. The apt name Project Gluttony is a working title for a horror novel which will be part of a heptalogy loosely correlated to the seven deadly sins. It’s not exactly a series, but I’m treating it like one for the sake of progress. The books are barely related to each other, and might not even have the same publisher.
I feel like Gluttony will not be the most difficult of the seven, but it’s veering damn close, so perhaps it is better I’m getting it over with this year. Project Gluttony and Project Envy are the most pressing because they are the most developed – Envy has been much easier, since it’s basically a full-length adaptation of a short story I’d already written. (It wasn’t so short either, topping out at about forty pages.) Envy is also nearing completion, which means I’m allowed to take a break on it.

Gluttony, however, deals with more tender subjects that I have to be more careful with handling – namely abuse based in religion, and it is for the most part completely freestyle, since only a half-draft of the first two chapters existed, and I’ve since had to rewrite from scratch because they were terrible. I originally began the novel for an open call for pieces of horror fiction, which I’ve since forgotten the initial point of and is possibly long over.
The whole purpose of making Project Gluttony begin in the midst of religious abuse is not actually a criticism of religion itself. As a spiritual person, that’d be rather hypocritical of me, I believe. No, it mostly serves to portray the severity of two extremes. The main character will go from a strict, heavily monitored household into a violent den of hedonism, both of which seem to exist solely to attempt to kill him.

I wouldn’t call anything I’ll ever write a “moral story”, but what I wanted to show with this novel is that extremism of any kind will only end up hurting the innocent, whether it’s religious or secular, because there is always an element of careless and blind violence. As you can tell, this means P.G. has been an emotional strain to write because we’ve all faced one or the other in our lives. A lot of the MC’s experiences are word-for-word taken from some of the worst outcomes of extremism I’ve ever heard, straight from the mouths of those who have survived it.

Anyway, it’s only about two chapters in at the moment, so we’ll see where that takes us. I think if I can get past my doubts with Gluttony, which are more debilitating than they were with Project Envy, it has the potential to be the best of the lot, even before I’ve developed the other five. Whenever it reaches the 80-page mark, I may add it to my Goodreads page, since it’ll be “official” by then.

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