Writing Progress – Seven Sins Heptalogy

My book blogging unrelated to my own work is going on a soft hiatus throughout the summer. Reviews won’t halt, just slow to a crawl because this project will and is starting to eat up my already scarce reading time. Due to recent unforeseen upheavals in my life and this heptalogy, I won’t have as much opportunity to curtail the reviews, and would rather not update than risk posting something that was notably low-quality. Not a huge deal, this is just so you won’t be surprised when there’s more list reviews and re-reviews than previously unexplored books.

Anyway, what the seven sins heptalogy is, is not exactly a “series”. It is seven books that are tenuously related at best – I think some might be set in the same universe but with little-to-no overlap in settings and characters – but are labelled by their general theme. Project Envy, Project Gluttony, etcetera.

I have a lot of difficulty focusing on specific projects to finish, so decided to pull ten major ones that I cared about most from my list and complete them all before I allow myself to start anything new. I figure that if I can finish these works of fiction, I will be able to consider myself a true success as a writer, even if they don’t come out immediately after they’re done. Future works will flow out with far less distress.

Where this becomes weird is that these seven correlated in theme to the seven deadly sins in theology. This was so strange when I noticed it, that I had no choice but to keep these. The other three that aren’t part of the heptalogy are this Halloween’s Haunt Me to Sleep, a horror story collection, a young adult novella, and another book of short stories which I’m not particularly concerned with right now. Any poetry chapbooks I might publish in the meantime do not count, as they are far less structured than fiction and smaller.

The “envy” and “gluttony” projects are the forerunners, and have notable portions finished already, though of course they’re still in their drafting periods.
I’ve faced a lot of terrible personal conflicts in the past four years, and I feel that with the heptalogy project I can manifest them into something positive. The seven sins were just a quick way to categorize them in their budding phases, but they come from sincere places of torment and the darkest parts of the human condition, so are fitting for that theme. And unintentionally, at that!

The only sure facts I can tell you is that the “envy” piece is likely to arrive out next year, with “gluttony” and “lust” shortly behind. They are all different sub-genres of horror:

Project “Envy” – psychological horror
Project “Gluttony” – supernatural horror
Project “Lust” – dark romance
Project “Wrath” – apocalyptic horror
Project “Greed” – dark fantasy

I don’t know as much about “sloth” or “pride”, as they’re currently the least developed. In truth, these two barely work into their respective “sins”. The link is somewhat obscure. I suspect they’ll be surreal horror and general horror, as those are the only two genres left, but who knows. Maybe one will be splatterpunk, and I’ll have effectively written one of my least favourite sub-genres.

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