Smashwords Interview 2019

The updated interview for my Smashwords profile. I answered one last year around January. So many things have changed with my work, so it was high time for a fresh one, now that I have actual books on there.

Q: What motivated you to become an indie author?
A: Ah, this question is something of a paradox. A variable and yet also a constant.
I will say that as of this interview, I’m currently working on the S.M. Shuford Poetry Collection, an ongoing saga that compiles most of my poetry and is to some degree autobiographical, hence the blatant narcissism of the title. There is set to be thirteen to fifteen books in total in that series. After that, in 2020 I’ll have another handful of large-scale poetry compilations, similar to 2018’s Loverboy, a short story collection and slowly eke my way into writing novels on a regular basis.

Q: How do you discover the eBooks you read?
A: It’s a smoothie of recommendations, avid hunting for new things to read, and random chance. Book-seeking is one of the few things that’s better if you’re pretty much careless in how you go about it.

Q: What is your writing process?
A: Vomit a mass of something vaguely interesting. Rinse the excess words off. Polish them. Publish it. Kill the thing you bore and rebuild it Frankenstein-style when you decide it wasn’t good enough the first time. You know, the usual way.

Q: How do you approach cover design?
A: If it’s being published by my own hand, I’ll usually just paint or draw it, or utilize stock images. I prefer an abstract and colourful mood for most of my covers, and that’s fairly easy to do if you have a basic knowledge of painting and Photoshop.

Q: How long does one of your books take to publish?
A: By myself, it can take anywhere from a handful of months to two years. The actual writing of the book takes far less time, but piecing it together in a way that’s presentable and designing the cover are the real source of the trouble.

Q: What is the most you’ve written in a day?
A: Well, if we’re measuring quantity of writing in pages, about sixty. If we’re measuring in poems, then about forty. Writing doesn’t tend to take me a terribly long time, it’s only the editing that hampers me!

Q: You seem to feature cannibalism a lot in your work.
A: Everyone’s got their niche, and mine is the literary savage. I’m sure you have a worse one lurking in there if you’d look…

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