National Library Week – 5 Ways to Support Your Local Library!


National Library Week runs in 2019 from April 7th to April 13th. This movement began in the United States, but I don’t see why it can’t be celebrated elsewhere as well. Libraries are vital for much longer than a week! These are five ways you can, very easily, support your local library.

1. Be a Frequent Patron

This is the simplest way. Borrow lots of books. Just having a heavy patronage supports a library more than anything. This seems obvious, but many public libraries have shut down, if not due to financial upkeep, then lack of patrons.

2. Donate Money and Volunteer

Whether you have a massive, metropolitan library or a remote one with a modest choice of books, many libraries will accept and are in need of donations. It can’t hurt, in any case. Depending on what country you’re in, your library system will still likely have some kind of group, such as the Friends of the Library Society, that support libraries through charities and volunteer work.

3. Recommending and Donating Books

Donate books that you don’t read anymore that are still in good shape to your local library. If you think your library does not offer enough of a certain type of book that there’s a demand for, say for example, science fiction, then you can donate books of that sort or personally recommend them for purchase.

4. Frequent Their Online Materials and Website

This depends on region, but a lot of libraries are expanding their bookshelf to digital formats, so just being active on their website can be quite helpful since they can see how much of a demand there is for more digital books.

5. Other Ways to Support

If you are an author, most libraries gain a lot of support and spotlight through featuring local authors, so this may be something to consider. Suggest, if your library doesn’t already have these, events like open poetry readings. Joining groups or book clubs is also a way to keep a library active and lively. Volunteering your time to help the librarians is not only supportive of your local library, but can be something to add to a resumé as well.

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