A Lovecraftian Springtime


Upon the looming threshold of the second-worst season of the year, under its threat of mildew blooming, pollen poofing, and foul weather glooming, who could be more appropriate to do a mini-series about than the master of the foul and foreboding?
Lately I’ve been binge-reading a compilation of H.P. Lovecraft’s works that I’ve owned for awhile. No, not the Necronomicon. (Disappointingly. I checked.) I’ve noticed reading through them that Lovecraft featured themes of springtime in much of his work. But you know, the hideous realistic early spring when you feel like you have lizard tongues for skin – the kind they don’t model home decor after.

Throughout the next few waterlogged, miserable months I will be reviewing a Lovecraft story or novella whenever I get the chance. I plan to review at least everything that’s in the compilation I have. I… er, don’t believe it includes some of the more racially insensitive stuff that, let’s be honest, deserves to remain mostly unnoticed. I’ll be touching on that bit of infamy in my review of “The Rats in the Walls”. You’ll see what I’m talking about if you didn’t already know.
Admittedly, the overtones make some of Lovecraft’s writing troubling (and writing about it even more troubling), but nonetheless, his work is the foundation of the weird fiction temple, and I think much of it is of value despite the author’s archaic attitudes in real life.

Anyway, I look forward to sharing my thoughts on these stories with you, and hope you enjoyed my eldritch drawings all over Lovecraft’s portrait there. Some of the shortest stories I may post together just for convenience, because there’s not much to say about them. Not sure when I’ll get around to the novellas, those may come last.

(As a side note, a genuine Necronomicon is not the oddest thing one might find in a used bookstore. Believe me.)

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