Woodland Dreams – Rebooting Infinite Summer

The Infinite Summer reboot is actually on the verge of being finished. All it lacks is a final edit and a cover, so it ought to be out first, I suspect around March. Infinite Summer was my favourite one, and that remains true. This is the “lightest” one thematically, having a ghostly, romantic fairytale vibe. Probably should’ve spent the time I spent on the original on useful literature, but hey, it was pretty fun.

At the risk of deflating my own update post, I honestly don’t have as much to say about it as I imagined I would. I have fewer aspirations with its makeover than the others, I guess. The old versions of the haiku are still posted starting here. I don’t think I’ll remove these, even though they’ve gone through variable changes. There’s not really a reason to. It could be quite fascinating to see the improvements, or disagree with them if you thought the old were better.

If you’ve ever thought about trying your hand at fantasy poetry, you ought to. Don’t be shy about displaying it, either, there needs to be more genre poetry in the world. Fantasy is general is a sort of imagination exercise, but fantasy with the loose non-limits of lyricism is even more so. Not too many publish their fantasy poetry, it seems.

Infinite Summer was the easiest of the reboots, it doesn’t carry the emotional weight of the two horror ones and is less specific than Cosmic Love. I wanted to release all four within days of each other… strangely, almost exactly a year after they first came out. It certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been a year! I decided to go through with paperbacks, if just for the sake of my personal bookshelf having books I wrote on it, so you’ll be able to get those if you desire.

I really care more about people reading them than trying to sell them, seeing as they were more recreation than intentional anyway, so all of the digital versions will be free as they were before. I found poetry to be a good segue into writing short stories and full fiction, which is where my heart is, though of course poetry is no less valuable because it’s shorter to write! All of my poetry is important to me, but it is more vital to me that someone be able to read it no matter their situation. Charging a fortune for poetry feels very defeating of its purpose, no? Anyway, I appreciate you all who have followed all this haphazardness I’ve gone through with these. Thanks for that. You’ll be the first to know when they’re out at last, I promise!


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