My Picks For Women in Horror Month

As you’ve probably figured if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, my favourite months for thematic reading are the ones that will actually allow the “creep” of the literary genres into the house. Thaaaaat’s riiiiight, it’s time to get horrific!

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February being a month to celebrate women working in horror is a relatively new thing. True, you could argue that horror is, even from a historical standpoint, one of the most inclusive genres of both genders. Many of its innovators are women – Mary Shelley, Anne Rice, Shirley Jackson – but people are under this impression that has been incredibly to hard to shake off that horror is a hostile genre towards women, or at least obscures its female creators.
Admittedly… this is still something of a problem with horror films and visual media, and every now and then a genuinely misogynistic horror novel pops up, much to the dismay of us who have been trying to destroy that stereotype, but I feel like writing horror is quite a welcoming and lucrative area for women authors.

Before I derail off-topic, however, I’d like to tell you what I have in store for Women in Horror Month. I have some horror creations of my own, which of course you’ll see on here and my other social media.
The 20th anniversary of my all-time horror favourite series, Silent Hill, is coming up at the very tail-end of January, for one thing – a series I will always recommend for its innovation and high quality in its writing of female characters for its medium.

I’ve written a few brief pieces on that. A sad irony about this series is that the strength and often poetic beauty of the female characters in the original series and even the film adaptation to some degree… does not carry into the spin-off books. There’s something very wrong about that, but that argument is for another day.

I’ve had some books planned for awhile to review. They range from milder dark fantasy to outright splatterpunk. Probably the oddest one is Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter. I predict that this will either be insanely terrible or ridiculously good. Something with that title could not be anywhere in-between.

A handful of other books in store are The Unfleshed by Lisa Vasquez, a devilishly gruesome book that I actually meant to review last February and never got the chance to, as well as Thicker Than Blood by Madeline Sheehan and especially for Valentine’s Day, Love is Hell. What could be more fitting?

So, stay tuned for all of these. I planned February a bit last-minute, so I don’t have the quantity of material I hoped for, and sadly didn’t get to finish some books I had set for Black History Month, another important event beginning soon, though I will be featuring the ones I had the opportunity to finish and a few stray unrelated pieces along the way.

Follow me on Twitter @cannibalatheart and DeviantArt for new macabre and fantastical art I have planned to begin posting throughout February. I intend to really upload it this time. I promise. There’s over 200, so surely you can’t blame me for not being eager about cleaning them all up to publish. It’s an ass-pain of epic proportions, believe me.

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