The Core of Everything Dreaming

A dark fantasy poem of mine, “The Core of Everything Dreaming”, was accepted for Radium Piano Band’s newest issue. They’re an up-and-coming surrealist and dark poetry blog and I highly recommend checking them out. There are a lot of great poets that showed up in this volume. (I’m not counting myself in that obviously, that’d be rather hubris.) Issue #11 can be downloaded or read online.

Radium Piano Band – Issue #11

I wrote this poem when I was 15! It actually is one of the first “darker” poems I ever attempted, I believe. It was once going to appear in an interesting compilation that was cut into four “worlds”, basically four different genres of poetry.
I’ve plundered many of the poems from that project to use in Loverboy and other upcoming compilations, and it’s not high on my priorities list. Most of that book I wrote as a teen instead of bothering with school or being psychologically healthy. If there’s an interest later, I might publish it.

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