Crawling Out of the Crater Into 2019

2018, what were you, exactly? Were you the pit or the pendulum? A little of both perhaps? Just a skim against the axe’s edge, but still not as bad as it… could’ve been?
Ah well. There will always be another year for redemption.

Firstly, thank you all for reading my little book blog. This month was its one-year anniversary and I never expected it to do so well. In my spare time, I’ll be revamping it to look cleaner and include a good bookshelf for my finished works.
I have gotten rather unfocused with book reviews due to the poetry books I’ve been trying to perfect and release. Loverboy and Absolute Heaven are both finally out on Kindle if you want a copy. The paperback for Loverboy is available but AH‘s will need a bit of touch-up, as it’s kind of massive for what it is.
You’ll have to be patient with my independent book releases. I have a sensory disorder and other unrelated ghastly stuff tends to happen around publishing time, and it’s only me working on it. Better for the books to come out later than I want than come out incomplete, no?

Anyway, I’ve got so, so much planned for 2019. I have remixed versions of my four chapbooks, two separate poetry compilations (one of which may get traditionally published – yay!), and three rather intriguing fiction works.
I found the chapbooks extremely excrutiating to read in their raw forms, but I never really… received any negative feedback at all? There was like, one or two bad ratings somewhere, I think? So maybe it’s just my perfectionism, I don’t know. The horror ones I definitely found more stupid than the romantic ones, but guess which ones were more popular?

About my other projects for this year – really too grand to spoil their stories before they’re born in a wrap-up post, but I will tell you a little. First off is Haunt Me to Sleep, a combination poetry, short story and art book based around the themes of ghost stories and American fairytales. Two other poetry compilations are in states of completion, one extremely dark and one rather soft and empowering. I like dichotomy, what can I say.

My fiction projects for this year are a psychological horror novella about a man who loses his mysterious lover, and a short story collection based around unhealthy obsessions. I am challenging myself to write a piece of these every day, while I have the opportunity. The short story collection is on my Goodreads page, though I have no idea who might be publishing it.

One thing that absolutely sucked about 2018 and has affected my 2019 was Tumblr’s horrific abortion of a reinvention as a “safer” environment, or whatever they were going for. Well, they failed, whatever it was. The whole site is broken because of it, and thus I haven’t been posting much writing there. I haven’t abandoned it, because truthfully I like Tumblr’s setup, but good God, they need to fix that cataclysm of a tag system first.
It’s frustrating that there are no truly good blog or social media outlets for art at all. Twitter is boring-ish, DeviantArt is flawed but kind of decent admittedly, and Instagram is pretty much psycho-visual cancer, in my opinion.
For lack of other options, I am re-uploading better quality and more scans of my professional and… less professional, elderly art on my new DA and Twitter in 2019, as well as the Gallery on this blog. I bet you forgot that existed, didn’t you? I haven’t updated it at all. I really have wasted you, 2018.

My new DeviantArt is here if you want to follow or donate or just look at my nice stickers. There won’t be anything up until January however, but I have a large quantity of drawings to add. It’s just the matter of doing it.

I really look forward to sharing the next year’s writing journeys, books and other oddball adventures with you. Stay sane, and have a fantastic New Year!

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