Holiday eBook Giveaway – Day 4


Thanks to all those who have downloaded a copy of Loverboy thus far! This is only the beginning of the road. For those who want one, they’re free on Kindle for the rest of the holiday season for anybody.
An interesting little fact I don’t think I’ve noted is that this collection began conception as romance short stories.
I had had like, two or three poetry compilations that were finished and supposed to come out before Loverboy was even decided as poetry, but it ended up usurping them. Kind of like a parasite that becomes its host. Oddly, it was totally thematically different from those two collections. It’s not even very similar to its companion book, Absolute Heaven. In genre only, maybe.

The hardest part of talking about Loverboy at all is that I’m perplexed about where it even spawned from. It just… was all on paper one day, or so it seemed like.
But anyway, feel free to grab a copy and tell your friends if it’s something they might like. Perhaps you will see something perplexing and valuable in it.

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