Holiday eBook Giveaway – Day 3


Thanks to all who downloaded a copy of Loverboy yesterday, for awhile it made it to the Kindle Free Top 10 in the Poetry category, right next to an Edgar Allan Poe compilation! I never dreamed that would happen. It also made it pretty high in the Fantasy and LGBT categories, surprisingly.
Oh, and you shouldn’t, but if you do experience any problems with the eBook, please tell me and I’ll fix it so you can get a new copy. It should look fine on most devices, at least the ones I’ve tested. The paperback should be out by Christmas if interested. It was supposed to be out several days ago but there was a strange delay because of publishing and rights and all that boring stuff you definitely aren’t interested in. I know I’m not. Ugh.

Anyway, I’m posting some frosty new winter and holiday themed poetry here for the week up to Christmas as well, so enjoy! Get your copy of Loverboy below, and feel free to offer your thoughts in a review. Happy Holidays!

Get Loverboy free on Amazon US
Get Loverboy free on Amazon UK

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