Holiday eBook Giveaway – Day 2


My poetry debut Loverboy is free as a Kindle download for the holidays. Go crazy, it’s available in all Amazon regions to anybody. You don’t need Kindle Unlimited.
I decided to publish most of my poetry independently, purposefully. It’s not a matter of who publishes it, and if it happens to be picked up by a publisher later, that’s fantastic. I don’t have an issue with that.
It was more the fact that while widely loved, poetry is still niche and you can avoid all the arbitrary nonsense of waiting for somebody to take your project on if you just put it out there yourself. So for now here it is. Please give it a try, and if you miss the giveaway the regular price is pretty low.
If it’s something I’ve put out myself I don’t usually charge more than $7 USD for any of the eBooks. I mean, you don’t even get a physical copy, and as a book collector myself I find it ridiculous to charge much more than that. Share this giveaway with your friends who love to read so they can get a copy as well.

Get Loverboy free on Amazon US
Get Loverboy free on Amazon UK

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