Holiday eBook Giveaway – Day 1


This dreamy dark poetry debut is FREE on Kindle for the holiday season starting today. If possible I will try to extend the time it’s free, but no promises, so Loverboy, for now will be free until Dec. 21st! It’s free in all regions, not just the ones below, and you can also borrow it on Kindle Unlimited. After the giveaway, it goes back up to $1USD, so still not too pricey. I’d adore some genuine feedback, from what I’ve seen the end design looked beautiful.
The paperback version has had some annoying technical troubles (it looks stunning but there were some issues with publishing) but should be out soon, along with its companion Absolute Heaven, which comes out later this December.
I should note that my poetry is probably best for mature readers. It’s not explicit but explores some more adult themes.
These books are completely indie by choice, so please help support my work by sharing this post and telling your friends, while they can get it for free! 🙂

Get Loverboy free on Amazon US
Get Loverboy free on Amazon UK

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