Book Review – Growth by Karin Cox

★★★ 3.5 Stars

Genre: Contemporary Poetry
Publication Date: July 17th, 2011
Publisher: Independent

Growth is a terrarium, budding and withering within the containment of a moment.
It’s casual yet sincere, but feels snipped. The collection jolts to an end just as it’s starting to really fit into its skin. Growth‘s blooming violets, after all the time they have taken to live suddenly get beheaded.

I liked it, though, and I’d probably read more. I usually judge whether poetry is good or not, not by its style but rather the visible effort and if it triggers the urge to create, and Growth does a solid job of inspiring. Cox’s prose is still of a lot higher quality than your average mass-market poetry book, and Growth is a short freebie. That’s important to note.

“For years I wrote for love of living, then years in tribute to disdain. I walked the streets, eyes primed for sorrow, littering words like falling rain.”


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