Loverboy is $1.99 on Kindle!


My debut dark poetry collection is now available on Kindle! It’s available in most regions for $1.99 USD or equivalent, including the US, UK, Japan, Australia, Canada and India. Please consider buying a copy if you’ve enjoyed my work on this blog. I promise it’s lovely. A free sample can be downloaded or browsed on Loverboy‘s Amazon page, and a different sample can be read here. The paperback will be out later this month.

“The hearts you take are the legion you make. Will I love you still… I say that I will.”

“A fever dream of romantic grotesque, Loverboy is a dance of love, heartache and hatred that intertwines horror with beauty as if they were never separate.
Classy and sensual like a forbidden fairytale, this collection of dark poetry paints its phrases from bittersweet fantasy, gender identity, mental illness, broken heritage, obsession and society.
Each poem in S.M. Shuford’s debut holds a unique heart to itself, whether it is shattered, whole or darkened and awaiting death. Loverboy is a collection for those who have ever felt lost or broken, like wandering ghosts who cannot find their way back home.
Fully illustrated, this edition includes an exclusive introduction piece and a preview of the experimental compilation, Absolute Heaven.”

Add “Loverboy” on Goodreads.

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