Poems – “The Devil’s Laughter” / “Yearn”

I had nearly finished a delicious in-depth article dissecting themes of cannibalism in fiction and why it disturbs people, that was scheduled for today. Apparently it got eaten. So here are some poems instead.

The Devil’s Laughter

The mad boar usurps the knife
Methane and dried blood compose the earth
Hot, weary, malignant dreams of falling

Falling through flame, falling from grace
Blood pulses in the forest’s untapped vein
Whose is it? The torturer’s or the tortured?

The butterfly of two larvae, one ideology
Rapier sinks into skin, but further into psyche
Primal shriek becomes the devil’s laughter


Always the same red, blue, black face
I recognize you even under your mirror
Indescribable envy of a lover lost,
I can sense where he lingers in your eye

You blessed your love with bony knuckles,
Traded it for a monster to kiss your feet

How disheartening it is for you to fake tears
When you held paradise and crushed it

©S. M. Shuford 2018
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