Book Review – Snowy Pines by Chris Snider

★★★★ 4 Stars

Genre: Horror
Publication Date: April 18th, 2017
Publisher: Independent

Carson McClain is having a rough time of it – his wife blames him for the accidental death of their child, and the stress of trying to earn her affection again has led him to remote Colorado, where he wrecks his car in a severe snowstorm. When Carson wakes, he is trapped in an abandoned hospital, inhabited by the damned and nightmarish. Poor Carson, it seems, is unwelcome even amongst monsters.

I am always alert for creepy hospital tales, realistic or fantastic. I enjoyed the mystery of Snowy Pines, though it is more action horror than psychological. I have a soft spot for diabolical abominations, so I really liked the descriptions of the horrors Carson comes across and has to evade or fight.
I noticed a few shout-outs and homages to my favourite series ever, Silent Hill, as well. (Shotgun in the nurse’s locker, anyone?) Given it takes place in a decrepit, dark hospital, I don’t see how you could help but mention the series that made the setting popular.

I don’t have many criticisms, but I felt that more time dedicated to fleshing out the side characters wouldn’t have been a bad idea. Carson is a decent and well-written hero, or antihero depending on your interpretation, but the other cast are seen in rather monochrome shades.
Snowy Pines is a short novel you can dissect in a day and night and is enjoyably bleak and strange. I do recommend.

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