Harvest of Horror 2018

It looks like it’s that time of year at last. Hello, horror fiction and molasses-black cavities from the sheer volume of candy! Halloween is a season of body horror in all its forms.
Harvest of Horror is an event I’ll be doing every October where I’ll be posting horror-related goodness – reviews, poems and writing – for most of the days leading up to Halloween.

2018’s Halloween reap ranges from surreal to sweet to sickening, and all good reads as it turns out. A few are quite controversial works of horror, such as Oct. 15’s book, Better the Devil You Know and Oct. 4’s Haunted. Fortune might choose to smile grandly near the end of October, for I have a book coming out of my own around that date – the dark poetry compilation Loverboy. I’ll be sharing some samples with you all then!
The full Harvest of Horror line-up:

October 1 – BOOK REVIEW – ‘Nothing is Strange’
October 2 – BOOK REVIEW – ‘Parasyte Vol. 1’
October 3 – BOOK REVIEW – ‘Slices’
October 4 – BOOK REVIEW – ‘Haunted’
October 5 – BOOK REVIEW – ‘Make Something Up: Stories You Can’t Unread’
October 6 – ART BOOK REVIEW – ‘Autopsyrotica’
October 7 – POEM – ‘Hematoma’
October 8 – BOOK REVIEW – ‘Zerostrata’
October 9 – BOOK REVIEW – ‘Snowy Pines’
October 10 – BOOK REVIEW – ‘Silent Hill’ Comics Part 1
October 11 – BOOK REVIEW – ‘Silent Hill’ Comics Part 2
October 12 – SHORT STORY REVIEW – ‘The Gown’
October 13 – BOOK REVIEW – ‘The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls’
October 14 – BOOK REVIEW – ‘Lychee Light Club’
October 15 – BOOK REVIEW – ‘Better the Devil You Know’
October 16 – SHORT STORY REVIEW – ‘Eden’
October 17 – POEM – ‘Last Dreamtime’
October 18 – ARTICLE – The Transience of Survival Horror
October 19 – BOOK REVIEW – ‘Carrie’
October 20 – POEM – ‘In the Oil’
October 21 – POEMS – ‘The Devil’s Laughter’ / ‘Yearn’
October 22 – BOOK REVIEW – ‘The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons’
October 23 – BOOK REVIEW – ‘The Hour of Meeting Evil Spirits’
October 24 – POEM – ‘The Unsacred Water’
October 26 – POEM – ‘A Fortunate Purge’
October 31 – HALLOWEEN

In some related news, I’m no longer on Twitter @ghoulsgrimoire. I decided to “minimize” with a new account, @cannibalatheart dedicated solely to art, horror and book updates. It’s both my own art and art I enjoy. No more poetry or book reviews there. They don’t really work with Twitter’s restrictions, at least not for me, and I’ve got enough to work on. I am also in the process of restarting my DeviantArt and Ko-Fi pages under new names, and ended my Patreon. I haven’t time for that one either. I don’t understand how anyone makes use of a program that seems to put even more pressure on a creator. Anyway…

If you like my reviews, please consider a small donation to Ko-Fi, or sharing the page with friends. There are no obligations. It can be a once-only donation, and it’ll help me afford to self-produce horror and poetry books yearly. Thanks, and enjoy! Have a great Halloween!

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