Book Review – Nothing is Strange by Mike Russell

★★★★★ 5 Stars

Genre: Dark Fantasy / Short Stories
Publication Date: December 31st, 2014
Publisher: StrangeBooks

Nothing is Strange is an illicit, dairy-based love affair between synthetic dreams and the sensors and nerves of your eyes. It is nutritious but decadent written chocolate.
Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to concentrate paper and idea into a human, for this would be the most intriguing one to chat with. But being your typical homunculus, it would probably be flawed somewhere vital and mope about mourning its own existence for always, and wouldn’t want to chat at all.

Nothing is perfect as a short story collection could be. It molds the shapes which only exist in the act of sleep and solidifies them into a theatre of little masterpieces. Nothing is hypnotic, humorous, horrifying, and every other H word that we spit out in haste when we can’t really describe what we feel. It’s truly neapolitan, and not only because one of its stories harbors a serious ice cream fetish.

I stubbornly straddled the fence on this book for awhile even though it kept popping up, and the guilt for that is real. If you’re not sure, just try a small bite. It pretty much becomes a vortex after that, and good luck running free from it.

My particular favourites were “Dunce”, “Escape From the Butcher’s Shop”, “The Living Crown”, “Extraordinary Elsie” and “Stan and Stan”. Interestingly, these all stand out because they challenge the innate fatalism of people. One is not always meant to be what it seems they will at birth, even if everyone they meet says otherwise. Not when there is a whole world waiting out there whose mere touch can change anything.


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