Book Review – Creep House by Andersen Prunty

★★★ 3.5 Stars

Genre: Horror / Short Stories
Publication Date: October 13th, 2014
Publisher: Grindhouse Press

Something is wrong with Twin Springs, Ohio. Something unimaginably dark has burrowed into the atmosphere itself and smothered to death, its phantom filling everything. Darkness looms in the guts of little houses and the bodies of big forests. Creep House is a series of portraits of Twin Springs taken in its bleakest, most secretive corners.

You should kind of take my opinion with a grain of salt on this one, if I’m honest. You might well love it if suspense is your game, for Creep House is a vault full of it.
It’s just that my opinion may have been coloured wrongly by reading Prunty’s offbeat “Hansel & Gretel” remix, Zerostrata immediately beforehand. Ironically, I ended up disliking pieces of Creep House for the same reasons I adored Zerostrata.

Zerostrata had a wandering, bizarro-beautiful sensation to it, but with this same step, Creep House felt rather aimless. A few of the stories that were uneasy were still never scary, nor do they really get resolved in any way.
Prunty is a supernaturally talented writer, no part of this book is poorly written, it’s just a little disappointing fear-wise.

I did really enjoy “The Calming Wood”, “Candy Heart”, and “Running From the Roses”, all creative twists on the vampire and werewolf myths. “Running From the Roses” in particular is a disturbing story about the blood bonds of family becoming tumorous instead of loving.
(Also, the retro Leisure Horror / Zebra-esque cover is awesome. I collect those as a hobby, and I love to see appreciation for them anywhere.)

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