Dead Air

Hello all! I apologize for the dead air recently. I’ve got a plethora of reviews in store that just need to be cleaned up and published, hopefully starting tomorrow (we’ll see…), but my books and art have monopolized my time, so most of my social media and blogging has been kind of lackluster. It’s a bit overwhelming to me to keep up with them. Come the dying months of 2018, I am completely redoing my galleries and moving it to Tumblr as well. No art I’ve posted is new, it’s all quite old and not very impressive in its current state, even if you like what’s there.

I have four books coming out between October of this year and May of 2019. Fun but not fun, you know. There is a hell of a lot of work involved because they are independent. Two are poetry, one is a concept mix that includes poetry, prose and short stories, and the final is a novel. All are a blend of horror, dark fantasy and romance to different degrees.

October 2018 – Loverboy
November 2018 – Absolute Heaven
January-Feb. 2019 – Haunt Me to Sleep
Spring 2019 – Untitled Horror Novel

-S. M., August 2018

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