Book Review – Fractured by Karin Slaughter

★★★★ 4.5 Stars

Genre: Mystery / Thriller
Series: Will Trent
Publication Date: July 29th, 2008
Publisher: Delacorte

Where is the point where obsession meets sickness? Is it when it finally devolves into violence or is it the first time its influence spills into the life of another?

Fractured begins a short while after the events of Triptych, with Agent Trent being assigned to a murder-kidnapping case along with a cop who detests him, Faith Mitchell. Triptych was a brilliant piece of dark fiction, if so dark sunlight drowned in its vicinity. Fractured shares its shadow but is easier to ingest, though at the cost of being half as engaging. A great sequel of course, just not as addictive as its parent.

Fractured carries raw, frail ghosts in its wake that are unafraid to linger after it’s over and done. Everything in Fractured will sound too familiar because you’ve heard something like it happen for real, I guarantee it. You’ll hear something like it right now if you browse through the news. The true disturbance comes from not its morbid nature, but its possibility. It hits mercilessly close to home, but its point is made.
As haunted as I love my books, this series can become a psychological vampire if you don’t take a break between them.

Will is a creative protagonist, unconventional but very real. His relationship with his new partner Faith is the best. It’s a different but welcome take on the eccentric / cynical cop duo. (Faith should replace Angie permanently as a female lead. Please. I know that won’t happen though.)

Flowing from the vein Triptych tapped, this tells through a single strange case how saturated with obsession our culture is, how it thrives on preying on the vulnerable all because of a few bad opportunists. It carries like a virus from an abuser to their victim, to their victim, to their victim…
Fractured is hopeless and hopeful, knowing there are emotions you can go through that can be patched but few that can be whole again once broken.

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