Poem – “Black Acid, Blue Scar”

Black Acid, Blue Scar

Burning the reality off a plastic midnight
Laughter hidden by shy hands won’t hide the
Acid that comes out, electric black like the galaxy
Careless and resigned, the dying girls go out
Killing another set of hours with neon lights
Abyssal and inhuman we become beneath
Concealed like a razor on a lost body
In the garbage – we’re not far from it now
Dreamlike but barren under the bones

Berry-indigo is what I seek in the machine
Lurking just under my nightmares I see it
Underground, even below the squalor we see
Every night when the stars unveil its truth
Somewhere I need to be is the indigo blue
Cold and locked in the depths of forgetting
All along, suffering the wrong time, try to
Relax as fluorescence dims down to black

©S. M. Shuford 2018
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