The Velvet Needs Resewing and Reupholstering

A brief update just so you know why if the site looks odd in the next month. This is nothing invasive or major, and shouldn’t disrupt the blog’s usual posts, but I’m sprucing up and redoing the design on all of my sites. The gallery needs a complete renewal, as none of the artwork there is less than several months old, and just so many other things need doing. I was also hoping to start up a slightly wider variety of artistic posts – encompassing films and video games into the arena as well, at least to a degree.

My donations pages are also getting a makeover, as they are not exactly inspiring, but then again I don’t really promote them heavily either. They are here at Patreon and here at Ko-fi if you want to take a peek. Donating to these will help me afford more space on the site for fuller reviews with photographs as well as artwork, so please consider it if you can. 🙂

The remainder of my NetGalley reviews will be up throughout June, a variety of mostly horror, poetry and mystery books with a few graphic novels and fantasy books mixed in. I’m taking a short break from NetGalley other than extremely short books I may apply for.

Also, if you like haiku, the second-to-last compilation, MHz, will be here in roughly a week. Later this year, all of my haiku, partly finished poems and older poems are getting their own massive collection, fully illustrated! It will act as a sort of B-side for a main compilation that’s coming out as well, but I shan’t say too much… 😉

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