Future News – May and June 2018


I feel like late May and June are going to meld together into a big, swampish blob – it is already looking quite marshy and draining. I’m in the midst of professional writing work, so I really have no foresight for the next bit other than a handful of reviews and a renovation. I appreciate the people who have been reading my work – while still kind of in the budding process, being only five months old (technically six, but January was dead air so it doesn’t really count), I didn’t think it would do well at all. So, thanks! 🙂

My focus this month is horror books and poetry, pretty strictly as I don’t have a lot of time to read these days. Not as much as I would like, anyway. (Though, as any true reader will tell you, eternity is not as much time to read as they would like.) I’m sure other sorts of books will eke their way in as usual…

May and June bring some of the first intricate, traditional poetry I will publish publicly. As I’ve said before, I loved writing the haiku compilations, but they are sadly, aborted ideas that weren’t developed enough to form something better. I am a perfectionist of diabolical standard when it comes to these things, and they just didn’t have anything more to say to me. Two last haiku compilations are coming out in the next two-three months, and the remaining (there were I think twelve total) will be in a compilation, which you’ll be able to get on Amazon, Smashwords and all those other vendors.

-S. M., May 2018


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