Flavours of an Artistic Phrase

Might be glaringly obvious, but I have a borderline-fetishistic obsession with poetry, as well as promoting it. I always try to encourage others to cross the unknowable shore that is painting through words, which is what I feel poetry accomplishes and encompasses. I am especially passionate about indie and budding debuts of poetry, and I honestly think it’s criminal that more don’t take the initiative to write and read them.

In the next few weeks I want to explore what makes a poem – what composes its genetics – in hopes maybe someone will find inspiration through this. The format is not what is important, as you can invent your own easily. The meat, flesh and soul of a poem is its meaning – even if its meaning is complete surrealist chaos, this makes it as significant as if it were a conventional romantic piece.

I want to dissect the building blocks of a compilation, what you can do to draw together a book of poetry into an entity that people will want to have engraved into their minds. Themes, genre, stylizing, production, and most importantly of all – not losing that sense of raw creation. The schedule’s not set, but a new piece on writing poetry will be here at least every other day for the remainder of May. It’s more of a complex rumination than it is advice, but perhaps it will inspire new directions of thought.

-S. M., May 2018

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