“Étude for a Ghost” – Haiku IV

[Originally published as the second half of Infinite Summer.]

Braids of snow white hair
Serpent chains ride tundra wind
That lifts her higher

Funnel of ivy
I fall into cursed garden
Eternal evening

Phantom skull I hold
Listens to occult wavelength
Ponders black magic

Written on her lips
In cocoon silk – intimate,
Muted psalms of love

Mulling on disease
Infused in romance, lying
In meadow violets

Crystal branches crack
Glimmer of raindrops etching
Suspended fortunes

Moonstone tiara
Mysterious waves of breath
She re-births my soul

Silk fire, scarlet leaves
Malignant shadow spies on
Light’s thriving beauty

Zephyr, shifting lungs
Enclosed meadow in a globe
Float serene, alone

Mother, I’m dying
Sorrows I bear like lash wounds
Martyred yet saintless

Copyright © S. M. Shuford 2018
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