“Infinite Summer” – Haiku III

Wintergreen landscapes
Agoraphobe sees them pass
From between shutters

Sapphire tentacles
Vine, thorn and leaf throttle me
In my prison swamp

Ingrown deity
Sopping pustules reflect none
Of the love you preach

Changeling in the bark
Sockets like gateways, mournful
Within the oak knot

Burnt cloven feet leave
Little corruptions, half-breed
Tracks on the lilac

Crone calls like spring frost
Her shadow a fanged raven
Preys on the lonely

Lungs of fine gravel
Exhale calcified footprints
Silver dust of time

In sacred courtyard
Clots of paint stain stone fountain
Creature yet to live

Barbs of hate sting me
But apathy spoils my bones
From the marrow out

Lovers’ symphony
Floats through fortress half-submerged
In underworld mire

Copyright © S. M. Shuford 2018
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