“Infinite Summer” – Haiku II

Rust-cracked dahlias
Circle sacrificial pit
God opens her eyes

The lurid solstice
Dreams’ orgy alights the woods
Unfiltered heaven

These industry towns
Harbor of black, steel sorrow
Mollified in glass

Avant-garde fae waltz
Fire steps in aquatic time
Spark of collision

Cravat of moth wings
Centipedes mar lifeless flesh
He pales in darkness

Aura on the beach
His fiberglass eyelashes
Float in like seashells

Scars to the eardrum
Pulse raw, so mauled only the
Devil will hear me

I tumbled, broken
Iceberg eyes froze my summer
And the child earth screamed

Singe rich strands of genes
Suffering infused in us
Our true art is hurt

False, bleached piety
Pure façade hides iron maid
From the free maid’s view

Copyright © S. M. Shuford 2018
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