“Infinite Summer” – Haiku I

Smothered by sunbeams
A century spent scalded
Infinite summer

Noteless songs released
Deflowered branches I break
To weave my death pyre

Marsh bilge coats my heart
Ferns spiral, sea grass mildews
Mold moons orbit me

Foghorn’s curling mourn
Muted in blankets of mist
Keeps me softly veiled

Bittersweet roses
Cherry flame tendrils, her hair
Glows in bleak grey thoughts

Iridescent roach
From the netherworld, knowledge
Gleaming in your eyes

Honey succulence
Crystallizes goblin skull
Hidden in the plains

Reaper, slave to hearts
Cinnabar scars create him
Kiss of blood undone

Submerged in desire
Her porcelain form cascades
Teal depths surround her

Portals the wind forms
This craving for asylum
Burns holes in my soul

Copyright © S. M. Shuford 2018
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