💖Infinite Summer💖 – Free (or Name-Your-Price) Poetry eBook Release


Sorry about the delay, but Infinite Summer is finally out today. Technically it was finished April 29th, but there was just a short delay in publication. Download or read a copy here, you can get it for free if you want (type in 0 when it asks you your price) or pay a small amount to support the author. 🙂 Recommended reasonable prices would be $0.50-$1.00 USD.


Or if you would prefer to wait, like the others I will be releasing it bit-by-bit to read here on my blog as well. Feel free to add it on here on Goodreads as well as a quick addition to your reading challenge.

I imagine some probably wonder why I publish singular collections of haiku like these. It’s namely for fun and for publication practice – also a bit of digital painting practice with the covers. I find creating digital art both frustrating and progressive, if that makes any sense. It’s the future, yet is counter-intuitive to the chaos of artistry – you really have to be aware of what you want to make beforehand. Mistakes are easier to correct in some ways with digital, yet if you realize them too late, patching them is actual hell.

I definitely want to publish more traditional and experimental poetry that has more depth to it in the future, but for now, these are free and especially for you.

All of my haiku are totally free, but if you want to help support my project, please consider donating or at least sharing my Patreon or Ko-fi pages. I don’t like to rely on very much social media to spread the word about my work, so any help is welcome and appreciated!


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