Art and Creation Notes – “Just Relax”


Incredibly ironic considering the rather ocular focus this piece has, I sustained a mild eye injury while in the stages of completing this drawing. Hence, the sketch was actually finished like, in January, but it didn’t get cleaned up until April. Annoying, but I guess those kind of sneaky inconveniences come with the territory.

This is one of the more interesting ones featuring my signature “ghouls”. Here a few of the face-thieving variety are pictured in one of their natural habitats, the hotel lobby. Don’t be fooled by their exquisite lack of eyelids or matching grin-grimaces – – – they have zero table manners, and tend towards illegal facial feature harvesting as a career path. Of course, even though I invented them (a semi-secret concoction of human DNA, ghost DNA and various fruits and vegetables, but you didn’t hear that), I shouldn’t make such brash generalizations about them as a species. There are sure to be exceptions.

Check out some of my other work here on DeviantArt.

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