Living on Cans of Depresso – A Bit About Me

I’ve been blathering about poetry and books for some time now, so I thought I’d share a bit about myself and how I even came about writing these on a regular basis.

Well, I guess to start, I am a perpetual student of both English and Japanese, two languages you will never be able to stop learning once you’ve begun, though I have more focus on the former. My thing for peculiar phrasing is an ever-growing monster whether it’s fed or not. What better outlet than literature? Only second to art, I think it’s what I’ve been destined to work with, in some way. (Whether I like this fact or not.) I began writing book reviews partly out of this dedication to books, partly just to share my take on the experience.

As the title suggests (that’s a real drink you can buy, by the way), you could say even objectively that there has always been a foundation of extremes in my life – either soul-wrenchingly depressive or euphoric, always distinctly apart. I can’t remember a time without manic depression, but I don’t let it become me. It is not my personality, just one of the clinging insects that we accumulate in life – not to be shaken, you simply have to work with its shifts and waves as best you can. I still struggle often getting the words I have to say out, whether actually pulling them from my head or finding an audience. Publishing… I don’t want to even talk about that.

I grew up in a strange place in the U. S. I like to call “horror story country”, where there was a lot of dilapidation and abandoned buildings rotting amidst a lot of great natural beauty, which seem like opposite things, but really when you look at them they complement each other. A ripe setting for sub-natural things to occur, ever so subtly. I’ve always been kind of haunted by this idea of grotesque moldiness and heavenly scenes being mixed together, which shows up strongly in what I write.

Anyway, thanks for reading. If you like my writings, feel free to follow along or share, as they will be plentiful and hopefully, continuous for years to come. 🙂

-S. M., March 2018

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