Brief Update on Art and Art Books

A Jack, or should I say Jane?, of all trades, I have multiple cakes scorching in multiple stoves right now, an important one of which is improving this blog. I don’t think it’s terrible by any means, but anything can be further perfected upon, and this needs a new wardrobe rather desperately. A major point I feel has suffered neglect is all of the art portion of the site – including art books, which like the rest of my reviews are getting a makeover to make them more engaging and just slightly more elaborate. Starting with the next art book review, ones I own will get inside photographs.

As for my own art, rather than just showing the picture in a batch or snippet, I’ve thought of writing a short article to accompany each, also with the goal of making this a far more engaging blog for multiple creative interests. Some of my ruminating lunacy may actually inspire someone, somewhere. Oh, and as a side, as of today (April 16th), I now sell prints on my DeviantArt page, mostly limited to tinted / coloured pieces but if the ink-only ones are popular enough I may add them.

Visit my art gallery on DeviantArt.

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