Murder, Melancholy and Mystique – More NetGalley Picks and Books for Summer / Late Spring

Ah, NetGalley, you blatant sadist. Every time I think I’ve gotten my review backlog to under fifty books, here you come dangling more enticing literature in front of me. Anyway, I’ve been mostly consumed with an attempt at writing a novel and trying to churn out another free book before the month’s end, so unfortunately I still have a large amount of books I own and books generously approved to me by the Galley left to review. However, they will all eventually make it on here in the next few months, including these freshly-picked beauties listed below. This batch includes the mystical intrigue of poetry and romance, juxtaposed alongside the griminess of horror and thriller.

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Recent NetGalley Approvals

Other Books to Be Featured Soon

  • “The Paying Guests” – Sarah Waters (Historical Fiction / LGBT)
  • “Tipping the Velvet” – Sarah Waters (Historical Fiction / LGBT)
  • “The Sisterhood” – Florence Stevenson (Retro Horror Review)
  • “The Legacy” – Jere Cunningham (Retro Horror Review)
  • “Chasing the Omega” – Jessica Edwards (Independent / Fantasy YA)
  • “The Day is Ready For You” – Alison Malee (Poetry)
  • “Trolls in the Attic” – Joanie K. Findle (Fantasy YA / Short Stories)
  • “California’s Deadly Women” – Michael Thomas Barry (Nonfiction / Crime)
  • Several new artbook reviews with included photographs, of varying genres.

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