“Paradox Phenomena” – Haiku VI

[Note – Contains moderate dark content, such as violence, themes of depression, and imagery that may be sensitive or disturbing to some. Originally published as part of Blood Ballet.]

Phantoms of morbid
Trickle in like discontent
Into vampire house

Hidden in willow
A blank paper face peers toward
A distant child’s corpse

Dogs hanging from branch
Swing on nooses like scarecrows
Wavering, strangling

Stained-glass lattice door
Witchcraft and seared meat leaks out
Atmosphere turns sour

Beware the dark hunt
Reap and glean of fertile maids
God of miscarriage

Mouthless smothering
Killing time by suffering
Breathe not to be free

Winter fluorescence
Cold passion in shuttered home
Chased into darkness

Dead lover sips milk
Encircled by velvet rose
Narcotic currants

Corona of dream
My love waits in torture court
To split into stars

Strange die together
Paradox phenomena
Army of zero

Copyright © S. M. Shuford 2018
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