“Paradox Phenomena” – Haiku V

[Note – Contains moderate dark content, such as violence, themes of depression, and imagery that may be sensitive or disturbing to some. Originally published as part of Blood Ballet.]

Organs churn a life
In secret beneath the grass
Softly, a heart beats

Tufts of fine cirrus
Encase me as I escape
Mechanized coma

Blood eyes in window
Invisible but potent
Distant stays real love

Mummified bazaar
Shapeless, motionless bodies
Withering to null

Deep in the stone drain
Motes swarm around an eyeball
Floating in mire

The funnel of vines
Penetrates the wood flora
An unknown hex trap

The four walls of bliss
Trapped in a negative space
Conscious, bodyless

Decay and live mold
Roach colonies addicted
To the tan lead paint

Black cord, deep navel
Stark white room, a blood fetor
The stench of the loop

Consumers chew fat,
Greased gruel of their own children
Happy-time gourmet

Copyright © S. M. Shuford 2018
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