“Blood Ballet” – Haiku I

[Note – Blood Ballet contains moderate dark content, such as violence, themes of depression, and imagery that may be sensitive or disturbing to some.]

Shatter to marrow
Mania, a blood ballet
Shudder in the bones

Life of raw terror
Grub worms cover the mirror
Squirm like gut tunnels

No capacity
Emptiness without purpose
An affront to God

Slit-throat scissor-blades
Arteries are live geysers
Under flesh pressure

Naked in steel tub
Fermenting pus and blood seeped
From my stillborn corpse

The occult chill stabs
Through network of thin nerve strands
Silence wakes the ghoul

Vengeance-seeking dead
Surround my prison of screens
My hand-painted tomb

The great manic waltz
To contagious pathos, plague,
Digestion of blood

Sub-normal laughter
From lungs buried in concrete
Preserved but provoked

Natal secretion
Down which runs brutal voltage
Masochistic shock

Copyright © S. M. Shuford 2018
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