💖Blood Ballet💖 – Free Poetry eBook Release!


Blood Ballet and Paradox Phenomena – two poetry sets harvested from the same embryo. Sensual and discomforting, these haiku are the gruesome songs of mourning ghouls and dead maidens. They are a step into a dark pool of subconscious desires and fears.

Another free haiku booklet, much behind schedule, but you can’t change misspent time, I suppose. Blood Ballet, fair warning, is grotesque and heavily doused with surreal bloodiness, since I developed it largely from remnants of depressive dreams, the imagery of psychological thrillers and giallo, as well as a touch of Lovecraftian horror. View more information on its book page.

Blood Ballet I pretty much ran out of fondness for when the formatting had to be redone multiple times, but you may enjoy it. I recommend for 14+ due to metaphorical but fairly strong violence and dark imagery. Download here, completely free of charge –  doesn’t cost one penny, arm, or soul:


The eBook also comes with an introduction essay exclusive to this version. I recommend the PDF or Online Reader format, as they are the least mangled from the beautiful manuscript I had that’s been redone to nothing. ePub also works decently and I haven’t tried the Kindle format (feedback in comments is welcome if there are any glaring issues). I will also be posting the entirety of this book on my blog in the upcoming week, bits at a time. If you wish, please consider adding or reviewing it on Goodreads.❤️

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